It’s been quite a long winter, this summer weather that’s finally decided to join us is giving us the Vitamin D we’ve been needing! Depending on the area you live, you might have gotten A LOT of snow this last winter – we sure did in the Sierra Nevada’s. Now that the summer temperatures are rising, there is a lot of snow melt resulting in the creeks and rivers running fast and strong.

Your furry friends are usually hot from walking, running or hiking in the sun, so the second they see water they’ll want to run towards it – but be cautious! Don’t take the chance of letting your dog get swept downstream, try to keep them out of the running water. If they do not listen well to your commands, are still in training or are still a puppy, keep them on a leash around the running water to keep them safe.

Rocky here sticks to the overflow areas and follows my commands like a champ.

Another safety hazard towards pets to watch out for that comes along with a heavy rain and snow year, is weeds and noxious plants. The fox tails seem to be a particular problem this year in our area of Northern Nevada and get lodged in their noses, ears and throats, which can become infected and cause numerous problems if not treated immediately. I always check Rocky after walking, hiking or running in these areas to make sure nothing is stuck in his fur.

Getting outside with your pet is good for their health and keeps them in shape and in tune with commands during the slower season before hunting. Just remember to bring plenty of water for you and your dog, a waste baggie and a lead.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!
Julie & Rocky