These women are proud to be hunters. Check out the video of why they hunt by Silverline Films!

There’s no denying that hunting is a man’s sport. Whether they grew up heading out to the woods with their dad or grandpa at a young age or got into it later with friends, it’s more common for men to teach other men to hunt. Until now. 

Women hunters are not as rare as even a decade ago. And women hunt for the same reasons as men: because they care about the environment and natural resource management, love the thrill of the chase, consider it a fine time to spend with family, and for the opportunity to bring home dinner!

But one of the biggest reasons that many women hunt is to keep the tradition alive with their children. And Prime Revolution knows a little bit about that! Michelle Capurro enjoys hunting with her husband Clint and their three children Ashley, Kylee, and Conner, and Julie Dianda is out hunting with Mike and their son Joey whenever she can. 

“My most favorite hunts are the ones that involve my family. Spending time in the outdoors with them, always learning, challenging ourselves to be better, and celebrating our successes together, you can’t ask for better bonding time. I love that I am helping with game management as well as giving back every time I purchase a tag. I also enjoy putting a meal together with meat I harvested. I am so proud to be able to provide healthy food for us.” 

  • Julie Dianda

“Julie has become a great outdoorsman and I love spending time in the field with her. Her passion for the game we pursue and the conservation that is involved with it is truly inspiring to me. She has made me realize how important all aspects of hunting are. It’s not always about the kill, but the time spent with family and friends, the preservation of our way of life, and for future generations.”

  • Mike Dianda

But Julie also makes sure to spend time with other fellow female hunters participating in shooting sports and wing shooting trips. In fact, just recently, she went up to Idaho with Nikki and Johlane of Kryptek, Riza of Leupold Optics, and a couple of friends that are part of the Kryptek Ladies Legion.

Why Women Hunt

Women who hunt bring a certain softness to the sport. And that’s not a sexist statement. Women are careful and patient, both crucial attributes when hunting. Women hunters use good hunting ethics and smart gun safety. Some female hunters do it to be self-sufficient, to fill their freezers with good, organic venison and wild game. Most simply do it for the love of hunting and the camaraderie with fellow hunters. 

Hunting isn’t reserved for people who only live in rural areas or small towns either! With the growing farm-to-table movement, many city dwellers from San Francisco to New York are going on hunting trips on the weekends to bring home their own free-range meat. Working for your food brings a certain level of pride, especially for women who are likely cooking it! So many female hunters are seeing the value of a hunting trip with friends and family rather than an easy trip to the grocery store. 

Spending Time with Family

Hunting also opens the door to many outdoor activities with the family. Hunting often involves long backcountry hikes and lots of waiting, which means quiet conversation! Hunting can bring the family closer together. While non-hunters may scoff at that, people who live for the sport will agree! Spend any time in the outdoors with the fresh air, and peace and quiet, and you will understand another draw to being out pursuing game.

Whether it’s a child’s first deer hunt, sitting in the treestand, or trekking to find some antlers on a shed hunt, there are plenty of opportunities to spend quality time together and learn some valuable lessons. Lessons on ecology. Lessons of the circle of life. Lessons of patience.

The number of women hunters in the United States is growing. Whether their family is already out there and they want to join them, they want to be self-sufficient, or they are looking for a new hobby, the demographic of hunters is changing, toward more females!

Women Who Hunt | Prime Revolution

Check out these episodes of Julie hunting mule deer with Mike and Joey (Joey’s first one!) and Kylee Capurro’s first mule deer elk hunts. In fact, Prime Revolution has plenty of episodes featuring women and daughters hunting! 

Watch Michelle Capurro on her first-ever hunt, and remember when Butch Whiting, CEO and Co-Founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group, his wife, and daughters joined us on a red stag hunt in New Zealand in Season One? There was so much snow!

We are women hunters (and anglers!) at Prime Revolution, and proud of it!