The Dianda family repping Kryptek on a Texas deer hunt; Julie’s wearing the Women’s Hera Down jacket in Typhon, Joey is wearing the Ghar jacket in Altitude, and Mike has on the Lykos jacket in Olive

Kryptek is an outdoor clothing line that specializes in technical hunting gear. But their story goes much deeper than that. The founders are avid hunters themselves, which gives them a level boots-on-the-ground experience. But what really sets Kryptek apart from other hunting apparel brands is that the founders served in the military.

Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting served together in Iraq and bonded by reminiscing about their time enjoying the outdoors. When they came home, they wanted to take their tactical skills and apply them to a business. In Greek, kryptos means hidden and technos means technologies; Kryptek was born.

Because of the fusion between hunter and soldier, the founders approach camouflage patterns unlike any other brand in the industry. In fact, much of their gear is tested by soldiers in combat and hunting guides, outfitters (and Prime Revolution!) alike to provide feedback for ways to make gear better for a wide range of uses. Now the brand has grown to become experts in camouflage technologies and patterns providing consultation and gear to movies, video games, and so much more while offering high-quality gear to consumers.

As the founders say themselves, Kryptek has become so much more than camouflage for hunting clothing. It’s a mentality, an ethos, a mind-set, a lifestyle.

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Kryptek and Prime Revolution

At Prime Revolution, our gear of choice is Kryptek. It keeps us hidden from quarry. It keeps us warm in the backcountry. It keeps us dry when we’re fishing. It keeps us protected from the elements. From Merino wool baselayers to transitional hoodies to packable jackets and vests to beanies and ball caps, we don’t leave the house before dressing head to toe in Kryptek!

Here’s Joey Dianda in his favorite Kryptek Altitude pattern Ghar jacket:

Here’s Joey Dianda in his favorite Kryptek Altitude pattern Ghar jacket

“I am never without my Ghar Jacket in Altitude. This down jacket is so warm and comfortable and is also water-resistant. It is athletic-cut which makes it easy to move around in and looks good too. What I like most about the Ghar is how lightweight and easy to pack it is, I can literally roll it up and stuff in a backpack and the down stays in place when I’m ready to pull it out and put it back on.” – Joey Dianda

And Julie Dianda in the Kryptek Highlander Camo pattern, perfect for hunting in varied elevations and mixed terrain.

 Julie Dianda in the Kryptek Highlander Camo pattern

“For me, a go-to piece is the Women’s Hera Down Jacket. I have it in Typhon as well as in Highlander patterns and not only do I wear it in the field hunting, I also wear it as my everyday jacket in town. It is incredibly comfortable and it’s like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket! It is water-resistant, so even on mild to moderate rain days I remain dry and warm. This jacket is cut for women, so it’s not too long and it’s more fitted.” – Julie Dianda

Mike Dianda loves the new Obskura Kryptek camo pattern that is great for high desert stealth. The camouflage was developed using the original Kryptek macro-pattern as the micro-pattern inside the Tiger Stripe Camo.

Mike Dianda in the new Obskura Kryptek camo pattern

“I recently had the chance to try the new Obskura pattern in Mexico on a sheep hunt and I can’t say enough good things about it! The Sonora Hooded Shirt and Pant worked very well for me in the dry, hot conditions. It was breathable, kept me cool, and covered in the sun. There were times I pulled up my hood to give myself even more coverage and I never overheated. The pattern worked great in the desert and sage environment. It’s one of the most comfortable sets of clothing I have worn.” -Mike Dianda

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