Gone are, and should be, the days of wearing the cheap heavy 100% cotton hunting clothing from your local Wal Mart Super Center. Remember when you were a kid and your dad or grandpa wore those big heavy cotton t-shirts and long sleeves that would take on an additional 10 pounds when they got wet and would take a full two days to dry? Or how about hunting during archery season when it’s 100 degrees out and you either wore a short sleeve shirt and got fried, or a cotton long sleeve and you about died of heat stroke due to it having no breathability? Or my absolute least favorite, being on late season cow elk hunts in two feet of snow and all I had was this coat that weighed more than I did, which made it very difficult to hike around in. When it comes down to it, if you hunt more than one day a year than it’s worth investing in some good hunting clothing that keeps you cool when it’s hot, has good breathability, keeps you warm when it’s cold, dries quickly, is lightweight and is flexible to allow your legs and arms to move as needed.

In this article I will highlight some of the different systems that our good friends from Kryptek have developed for the different seasons of the year. From scorching hot early-season archery hunts, to unpredictable mid-season rifle hunts that can be blazing hot or have freezing rain/snow, to negative temperature late-season rifle or archery hunts in two feet of snow. No matter what the temperature or elements, Kryptek has clothing to make sure you are comfortable and protected.


The Valhalla Collection: “The Valhalla™ collection is built to be simple, functional and perfect for the minimalist outdoors-man. The Valhalla’s™ lightweight and breathable synthetic materials give you the flexibility needed to conqueror most spring, summer, and early fall conditions.
Designed for high exertion and mobility for warm to mild conditions.”

List of Valhalla Pieces:
Men –

  • Valhalla 2 Long Sleeve Zip Shirt
  • Valhalla Long Sleeve Crew Shirt
  • Valhalla Short Sleeve Crew Shirt
  • Valhalla Pant

Women –

  • Women’s Valhalla Pant
  • Women’s Valhalla 2 Shirt

Kids –

  • Kid’s Valhalla Shirt
  • Kid’s Valhalla Pant

The Valhalla line is perfect for long hot days hunting bear in the late Spring or archery elk/deer hunts in August and early September. Here are some other excellent pieces for early season hot hunts:

  • Sherpa Hoodie: When it’s colder in the mornings and evenings, yet still scorching hot in the afternoons and you need warmth at only certain parts of the day, the Sherpa hoody is perfect!
  • Hoplite 2 Merino Wool LIGHTWEIGHT: Kryptek’s Hoplite Merino is my personal favorite, it’s lightweight, flexible, dries quickly, keeps you warm on chilly mornings and nights and Merino Wool does not easily get stinky! I personally wear the long sleeve to keep the sun off me, I burn super easily!
  • Krypton Gloves: These are super lightweight gloves that keep your hands warm during the chilly mornings but are light enough to wear when it gets warmer in the afternoon and evening.
  • Alaios Pant: This is another pant that you can wear during warm early season hunts. It is slightly thicker than the Valhalla pant but not too much. You can also slip in knee pads to the pants so that you can kneel down/crawl in comfort while archery hunting.
kryptek early season shirt worn by hunter


The Dalibor Collection: “Versatile, practical and lightweight synthetic construction make the Dalibor one of our best active jacket/pant offerings. Designed to be layered according to the temperature and your exertion level, this exceptionally durable jacket is ideal for mild-to-cool conditions and was field tested for over two years in the Alaskan wilderness.”

Dalibor Pieces:

  • Dalibor Jacket
  • Dalibor Pant

Women’s –

  • Dalibor Jacket
  • Dalibor Pant

Along with the Dalibor jacket and pants, layer with:

  • Hoplite Merino Wool Lightweight OR Midweight shirt (long or short sleeve)
  • Cadog, Cirius or Kratos Vest
  • Sherpa Hoody
  • Don’t forget about the Krytos, Kottos and Tora Gloves
hunter wearing mid-season shirt and pants with light snow


We have two different systems to choose from here, the Cadog and the Vellus systems.

Cadog: “The Cadog™ is built for mid-season hunting. Its construction is the perfect blend of mobility, comfort and performance in cooler temperature ranges. Durable and quiet face fabrics bonded with our highest lofted fleece for warmth. Loads of pockets and ergonomic features keep your gear close for easy access. Perfect for high exertion in cooler climates.”

Although on the website Kryptek says the Cadog is for mid-season hunting, I along with other fellow Kryptek wearers mainly wear it during late-season, very cold hunts. It is extremely warm yet very flexible allowing you to move freely while chasing game. The jacket unzips under the armpit allowing for great breathability and venting which is a fantastic feature.

Cadog Pieces:

  • Cadog Jacket
  • Cadog Pant
  • Cadog Vest

As with the mid-season systems, we suggest layering with Hoplite Merino Wool and other early-season hunting clothes.

Vellus: “Not all fleece is created equal and Kryptek’s new Vellus fleece is the answer for every hunter’s need. Windproof, Waterproof, Seam Sealed and highly breathable our laminated innovative fabric will change the way you think about fleece. We’ve taken our new Vellus fleece and added Thinsulate Platinum XTS Insulation to create one of the world’s most versatile garments. From 15 degrees to 50 degrees, you will be comfortable, dry and quiet like you never thought possible. Our Vellus fleece has incredible stretch combined with a stretch lamination for the ultimate in comfort, mobility and versatility. Plus adding scent control makes this one of the best garments on the market.”

Vellus Pieces:

  • Vellus Jacket
  • Vellus Pant
  • Vellus Vest
  • For freezing temps, wear the Cadog, Vellus, Gyes and Briareos Gloves

Hopefully, this helps as you choose camo for your upcoming hunts this Fall. This is my take, see what works best for you. Mix and match and determine what you like best because everyone takes weather and elements differently. But remember, having the correct clothing will keep you safe, protected and often times determine how long you can be out in the field trying to harvest that lean organic meat. Happy hunting and make sure to go check out the amazing camo from our friends over at www.kryptekstore.com. I only covered a small portion of what they have to offer.

hunter wearing late season shirt and pants in heavy snow